Services & Process

Office Liquidation Solutions is a national decommissioning and liquidation specialist with over 75 combined years of experience and knowledge.  Whether moving to another space, completing an in-place renovation,  right sizing, upgrading equipment, or experiencing a Merger & Acquisition, our liquidation and decommissioning processes can help.  We value our clients’ time just as much as ours. That’s why our seamless disposition process will achieve positive financial, social and environmental outcomes all while minimizing your stress and time involvement.

Whatever your project challenges may be, let OLS take them off your plate! Our services include:

  • Liquidation – Buying, selling, and removing of surplus assets (see full list of assets here)
  • Decommissioning – Lease end obligations required to turn your space over to building management
  • On-site Project Management and Budgeting
  • Lease review and advising
  • Facility walk-throughs with building management
  • Zero-landfill disposal options

The OLS Process

OLS is a professional company that takes a strategic approach to your project. As a trusted adviser, we can become your resource for all the questions and concerns you may have.  Our unique process begins with discussing your goals, objectives, and desired outcomes; however, our services often go beyond the average obligations.

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

  • We discuss corporate directives, timeline, critical evacuation dates, and logistics.
  • Team representative meets with you to conduct a site evaluation to review approximately 80% of your assets, as well as ensure we understand your needs and desired outcomes, such as:
    • Donations
    • Employee sales
    • Zero landfill contribution
  • A decommissioning specialist will review all MEP, cables, supplemental systems added to your site, and any restorative repairs that are required by your lease.
  • If a more detailed inventory of your assets is needed, we will schedule a return date in which we will take a few minutes in each office, conference room, server room or other space to photograph and note the individuals products to be sold. Dependent on the the scope of the product this could take a few hours to a few days.

Step 2 – Solution

  • OLS will analyze the information discussed in order to provide you with a unique Solution – sometimes more than one – outlining our understanding of the best way to achieve your requirements and expectations.
  • Our Solution will discuss the critical deadlines and dates, items to be removed, decommissioning requirements, processes in which this will be achieved, and any challenges to be faced.

 Step 3 – Pre-Production

  • After acceptance of our Solution, we will introduce you to your dedicated Project Manager, our team members, and other any critical players for the project.
  • We will secure and provide certificates of insurance from all vendors.
  • The proposed timeline will be verified.
  • All logistics will be coordinated by OLS and communicated with your staff, building managers, vendors, etc.

 Step 4 – Production

  • OLS will manage the removal of all assets, as outlined by our Solution.
  • Broomsweeping, trash removal, drywall repairs and any other restorative decommissioning services will be completed, as added to your Solution.
  • Each night, our Project Manager will email you with an update regarding the day’s activities, challenges, and accomplishments, including related pictures.
  • Your Project Manager will perform a final walk-through of facility with you, and your building management if desired, to confirm completion of the project and achievement of lease end obligations.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss our services and make an appointment to see your space and products.

Want a snapshot of our services? Download our Capability Worksheet.