A Flawless Removal

Downtime Washington D.C. 235k sq foot space on 13 floors removed in 18 days!

How did we do it? 146 straight trucks loaded for sale, disposal and recycling. 8 floors of product auctioned off and picked up through an alleyway near the Verizon Center. Even with a few elevator issues, a college basketball tournament, NBA games, NHL games, and a fluke snow storm, we finished 6 days early!

Here our machine of a Project Manager, James Thornton, stands with the final piece for removal. After the final walk through, our client had one word for us, “Flawless!”

We are very proud of our team and our process. A big congratulations to KGO Project Management on a job well done! And of course thank you for the opportunity.

Happy Holidays

Celebrating 25 Years!

Please join us in celebrating 25 years in business!

Office Liquidation Solutions (OLS) is a decommissioning specialist with services in liquidation of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Since 1991 we have decommissioned approximately 150 million square feet of commercial real estate!   As your partner, we will provide you with professionalism, protection and peace of mind. Whether your company is reorganizing, downsizing, expanding, or relocating, OLS can assist in achieving your goals while minimizing your time and stress involved.

For proof of our process in action and to read details of successful decommissioning and liquidation projects, please visit our Highlighted Projects page.

The Story of Furniture

Is entrepreneurship hereditary? In this podcast, our President Scott Cornblatt, speaks with the Select Business Team about starting his first business at age 12, his father’s support of entrepreneurial desires, and being a business owner today.


Scott is a member of Select Business Team (SBT), which bring local business owners of varying service professions together to discuss the issues of running a business. Each week SBT interviews one of their members and discuss their business journey, and this past week they chose our fearless leader!  As you’ll hear in the podcast, Scott is a passionate business owner who loves this business and discovering new ways to offer our clients creative liquidation and decommissioning Solutions. We believe business owners and managers alike are going to really enjoy topics from this conversation such as:

  • What’s it like to go from having 2 business partners to running the show by yourself?
  • From a hiring perspective, what does it means to hire the right team?
  • Staying awake at night wondering why the customer chose to hire your company

We hope you enjoy!


Thank You!

OLS thanks all those who have served our nation in the armed forces; past, present and future. We would especially like to recognize our own salesperson Derek Gifford, former Navy submariner on the  631 Blue Crew Ulysses S. Grant.


“What a fantastic job your team has done!  I must say that they are all professional and efficient and there was minimal disruption.  They completed the work in half the time that we anticipated, and they were so organized.  I am very impressed and will certainly refer your company to others.  Thank you so much.”

-Pamela Karam with Expovision


Seven tips for decommissioning

1) Understand your lease: Are broom swept floors required? What about patched walls? Cable abatement? Removal of MEP? Understanding what your lease calls for is vital when disembarking from your office space.

2) Set a timeline: From the removal date to the end date, an abundance of things need to happen when moving. Having a precise schedule will help facilitate a smoother transition.

3) Avoid setbacks: Once you’ve set your initial timeline, confirm that the project dates don’t interfere with any holidays or special events in your area (e.g. parades, major sporting events, and diplomatic visits). Increased traffic from these events will be an encumbrance to your move schedule.

4) Coordinate your vendors: Keep all vendors (i.e. liquidators, decommissioning specialists, electricians, movers) apprised to the timeline and each others’ work to avoid conflicts between vendors over building resources, such as freight elevators and loading docks.

5) Keep property and facility management informed: Now that you have your timeline set, always keep those who run the property in the loop regarding your plans. Management needs to be involved in scheduling your timeline, assisting you in following building requirements and not disturbing other tenants.

6) Know company goals and objectives: When decommissioning or liquidating, be sure to find out and understand your company’s social, economic, and environmental directives. This includes donations, employee discounted sale, LEED Points, or a zero landfill method.

7) Plan ahead and listen to your vendors: For larger corporations, this might even mean planning schedules and budgets two years in advance. Decommissioning experts and liquidators will have valuable input, as they’ve been through the process many times.

Call OLS, your decommissioning specialist! OLS is a decommissioning specialist with services in liquidation of furniture and fixtures, disassembly and removal of MEP, A/V, and IT, as well as offering cable abatement, wall patching, and broom sweeping. If you or someone you know is planning a move, we can help with all of these important reminders and more!

(We are happy to pay a Finder’s Fee!)