Our Disposition Ladder

Sir David Attenborough, beloved English broadcaster, recently told a UK parliamentary committee that “we cannot be radical enough” when it comes to saving our planet. Climate change is a threat to our existence, and we at OLS know that if we are going to preserve our world for our children’s children, we need to be radical. 

In our business, we often get calls from people who tell us that they want their stuff gone and gone fast. Liquidation is often about moving quickly and cheaply, but sometimes that comes at the expense of the environment. The truth is, sustainability can be expensive and takes time. But over the years, we have realized that some things are worth focusing a little extra creativity on. 

Our approach to business has evolved as the business itself has evolved. We used to be able to sell wholesale, but the market has changed; as this happened, we needed to evaluate sale channels. We needed to decide if we were simply going to throw assets away, or if we could handle them in a more environmentally and socially conscious way.

In the end, we created a Disposition Ladder, which walks us through the most beneficial ways to handle the disposition of assets. Selling a product is at the top of the Ladder, but if the product has no more life left in it, we look to donate it. If we cannot find a place to donate it, we give it away. If still we struggle to give it away, we recycle it. And if there is nothing to recycle, we put it in a landfill (although we can also do waste-to-energy if the client wants to avoid landfills and is willing to pay a hefty price tag). 

This Ladder was created with the Earth and our neighbors in mind. It may not be what Sir Attenborough meant when he called for radical change, but we see it as a step in the right direction. 

Below, tell me how you and your company interpret radical change!

OLS’s night out

Under a beautiful blue sky, the OLS team sat beneath two tall seafood towers at Hank’s Oyster Bar on the Georgetown Waterfront. This was the main event of an evening of networking, relaxation, and — most importantly — bonding.

Anyone who called our office last Thursday knows that we closed early, around 3:00 p.m., so that everyone could go home and get ready for our night out. We then regrouped inside of a massive limo-bus, where we sipped on champagne.


Our first stop was Stoney’s. We met up with other participants of Cushman & Wakefield’s annual Chili Cook-Off, which benefits the Race for Hope, a large fundraising event for brain cancer awareness, research, and advocacy. We co-sponsored the Stoney’s event and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

We hopped back on the bus and journeyed through D.C. to our surprise dinner at Hank’s. It was a feast for the ages: after two towers of lobster, clams, oysters, shrimp, and mussels, we dined on lobster rolls, salads, crab cakes, and more.


Afterwords, we grabbed gelato for dessert and got back on the bus, enjoying our long ride home together.

“Our company showed me how generous and caring our team is,” said Alexis Larson, OLS administrator. “I love being part of the OLS family.”

Experiences like these help grow not only our friendships, but also our trust in one another. We got to know each other on a personal level, which helps us work better as a team for you.

Sustainable liquidation for the planet

This week, all of us at OLS went out to blow off some steam during one of the busiest months we have ever had. Between a huge influx of leads and working on multiple complicated projects, OLS is moving like never before. Yet, we are still doing everything we can to fulfill our core values.

Our core values focus on a triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit. All three are equally important, and we aim to treat them as such. That is why we have been stepping up our work for the planet.

OLS has been exerting energy not only to provide a seamless experience for our clients, but also to create a process sustainable for our world. Amongst other things, we’ve implemented the Good to Go Green program, an initiative that offers up to zero product going to a landfill after liquidation, as well as opportunities to repurpose and donate assets. Through this program, we both raise awareness of how wasteful liquidation can be and find ways that we can save the planet.

Traditionally, liquidation ends with massive amounts of furniture in landfills, which are detrimental for multiple reasons: they lead to ground and water pollution, create toxic greenhouse gasses (CO2 and Methane), and harm wildlife. Needless to say, the less that goes to the landfill the better. That is why we at OLS are discovering how we can recycle the assets we pick up.

People, planet, and profit are all integral to what we do. After taking our night off and having fun, we are ready to continue dedicating ourselves to these core values and work to save the Earth.

Breaking News — Auction of Original Discovery Headquarters

Discovery, Inc. (Discovery), the global leader in real life entertainment, has partnered with Office Liquidation Solutions (OLS), a national office decommissioning and Liquidation Company, to make assets from their 1DP building available to the public through an online auction. Known for their ecofriendly-community oriented business strategy, OLS brings 27 years of environmentally friendly solutions using wholesale, auctions, recycling and charitable donations to prevent assets from going to landfills. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to a few of Discovery’s local nonprofit partners – N Street Village, Shepherd’s Table and A Wider Circle.

Small businesses and the general public will be able to obtain high-quality equipment and furniture at a fraction of the cost of new. Helping small businesses direct resources to where they are better suited, such as hiring employees, paying higher wages, or providing quality health insurance! OLS’ auction process creates a greater awareness for the assets available ensuring they make their way to small businesses and “Harry Homeowner” alike instead of clogging our landfills and by doing so help sustain the majesty of our earth.


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Click here to view the auction!

WTOP is Moving!

OLS is excited to be working with WTOP in liquidation of their Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center. To learn more, check out the article about their upcoming move from DC to Chevy Chase, MD.

To view the complete list of WTOP  items for sale, visit our auction page!

Photo courtesy of WTOP.

A New Partnership

OLS has partnered with Phoenix Computers, a local 501(c)(3) non profit that refurbishes computers for low income students, families and disabled clients in the Washington area in order to provide upgraded computers to those in need.

Read the full press release from Phoenix Computers below.



Press Release                                                    For Immediate Release


ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, August 18, 2018 – Office Liquidation Solutions (OLS), a national decommissioning company with expertise in logistics and communications and over 75 combined years of experience, has partnered with Phoenix Computers, a local 501(c)(3) non profit that refurbishes computers for low income students, families and disabled clients in the Washington area.

OLS is known for and takes pride in giving back to the community. In addition to making charitable donations to their employees’ chosen causes, OLS also participates in a wide range of corporate volunteer activities. In the last few years they have worked to sort food at Manna Food Bank, helped build a playground for KaBOOM!, cooked dinner for the NIH Children’s Inn, and began a quarterly pledge to serve lunch at Shepherd’s Table.  OLS’s ongoing commitment to helping those in need enriches the quality of life for the broader community.

By donating computers and related equipment OLS has enabled Phoenix Computers to provide hundreds of fully upgraded desktop and laptop computers to those most in need.  And further demonstrates the company philosophy of “Good to Go Green”, which aims at providing sustainable options for managing excess corporate assets.  The program works with corporate clients to encourage them to donate, recycle or give away assets.  For Phoenix Computers, this has been a wonderful partnership and we are pleased to welcome OLS into the Phoenix Computers support network as a Sustaining Partner.

Phoenix Computers (www.PhoenixComputers.info), located in Rockville, Md. is one of the largest all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) Microsoft Registered Refurbishers on the east coast and has provided over 11,000 computers since 2012 to needy families and other non profits in the metropolitan Washington area.  Continuing donations from corporate and civic partners as well as individuals have made this possible.  By reclaiming ewaste and older technology and giving it a new purpose Phoenix Computers keeps it out of the waste stream and serving a community need.

Media Contact:

Jim Smith


Phoenix Computers




Your Friendly Neighborhood Liquidator

Office Liquidation Solutions (OLS) is a decommissioning specialist with services in liquidation of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Since 1991 we have decommissioned approximately 150 million square feet of commercial real estate!   As your partner, we will provide you with professionalism, protection and peace of mind. Whether your company is reorganizing, downsizing, expanding, or relocating, OLS can assist in achieving your goals while minimizing your time and stress involved.

For proof of our process in action and to read details of successful decommissioning and liquidation projects, please visit our Notable Projects page.

My Theory of Liquidation

As many Move Coordinators, Project Managers, Facility Managers, and Design professionals know, there is more to planning for a move than just the physical moving of the products; the liquidation and decommissioning of the old space. After much contemplation over the years, I have theorized that:  

T + C = BO

Time + Creativity = the Best Outcome

So what does this mean for you? Well according to this theory, there are the 8 considerations that if you take the time now, will help you achieve the best outcome during your liquidation and decom.

  1. Early budgeting – Possibly the most important consideration. The one that everything else depends on. This isn’t just dollars and cents, this is time and resources too! Have you planned for the liquidation as well as any decommissioning requirements?
  2. Set priorities – What is the most important aspect when it comes to the final liquidation or cleanout? Reselling, recycling, donating, waste reduction, zero landfill, LEED, your time spent at the old site?
  3. Review the schedule What are the move dates and lease end dates? Is there flexibility in the schedule and to avoid holidays, parades, events, weather, etc.?
  4. Building logistics – Do you know what needs to happen to get the furniture out? How fast does your Building move? How fast can you move out of the old building and into the new (every building has a choke point). Are you on the 5th floor or the 56th floor?
  5. Reuse/re-deploy – OLS can help you understand what you have and how you may be able to reuse that at another site to save money, create a positive environmental and social impact and possibly receive LEED points. If you already know what you are keeping, have you planned the time needed to identify and remove items you don’t want to liquidate?
  6. Donation – This is a great way to help the community when you have flexibility in the schedule and the right assets.
  7. Employee sale – Do you want employees to be able to purchase your products without the company having to be involved?
  8. Orderly liquidation vs. fire sale/removal You can liquidate your assets through a number of processes and how you do it matters. An orderly liquidation is predictive while still being quick. A fire sale is fast and furious, bit less predictive in the outcome.

In sum, whatever your liquidation and decom needs, the most important theory to remember is:

HAL + NTP = C OLS    (Have Assets to Liquidate + Need a Trusted Partner = Call OLS)


Call me today to get the best outcome for your project!
Scott Cornblatt

What to plan for before your move

Have you ever planned a corporate move before?  For many of our clients, this is the first time and that’s where OLS is here to help! There are a wide number of issues that can easily effect a move out timeframe, causing frustration and delays. So for those who are not seasoned veterans, below we have put together a list of the issues, often forgotten, that can help you get through the planning and execution phases of your move.

1) Building Regulations – Are there day and night work time restrictions, based on city or county noise ordinances? Is there a dedicated loading dock and elevator for commercial use? Will the building allow it to be locked off and committed to one vendor?

2) Holidays, Events, and Street Closures – This is important in cities. Parking, traffic and building management can change their schedules and restrictions on observed and actual holidays.  Additionally if you are located near a larger stadium, venue, or convention center you will want to find out their schedule.

3) Weather delays – Depending on the time of your move out and your geographical location, you will want to add a few buffer days in the event of a weather related delay. Do you know who is responsible for snow removal?

4) Employees – Do you have employees who travel extensively?  Will they be in town to organize and pack their items?  Do you have employees who stay late or make their own schedules and may hamper moving activities? You will want to consider speaking with all employees about their schedules as your move date approaches

5) Common Areas – Have you determined who is responsible for packing and move  the common areas?

6) Decommissioning – Do you know the expectations in your lease? Have you made time for final repairs? Do you know if the data and electrical cables need to be removed? Are there repairs and painting that needs to be done after the space is empty?

These are just a few of the issues that we have seen from time to time. But don’t worry, logistical planning can prevent these and other common problems.  If you are experience in the industry, please share your experiences with us and others to keep the conversation going.

New Year, New Addition

Here at OLS we take great pride in our team of top notch employees.  Therefore this New Year we are thrilled to highlight our newest addition to the team, Josiah Bookwalter!


Josiah is a renaissance man from Virginia who joined OLS in the fall of 2017. In that time he has earned his stripes doing inventories, auctions, and furniture loadouts. Moreover, Josiah simultaneously managed multiple local and out of area projects in the month of December when things got really busy for the end of the year.

We look forward to many future successful projects with Josiah at the helm.