Breaking News — Auction of Original Discovery Headquarters

Discovery, Inc. (Discovery), the global leader in real life entertainment, has partnered with Office Liquidation Solutions (OLS), a national office decommissioning and Liquidation Company, to make assets from their 1DP building available to the public through an online auction. Known for their ecofriendly-community oriented business strategy, OLS brings 27 years of environmentally friendly solutions using wholesale, auctions, recycling and charitable donations to prevent assets from going to landfills. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to a few of Discovery’s local nonprofit partners – N Street Village, Shepherd’s Table and A Wider Circle.

Small businesses and the general public will be able to obtain high-quality equipment and furniture at a fraction of the cost of new. Helping small businesses direct resources to where they are better suited, such as hiring employees, paying higher wages, or providing quality health insurance! OLS’ auction process creates a greater awareness for the assets available ensuring they make their way to small businesses and “Harry Homeowner” alike instead of clogging our landfills and by doing so help sustain the majesty of our earth.


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Click here to view the auction!

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