What to plan for before your move

Have you ever planned a corporate move before?  For many of our clients, this is the first time and that’s where OLS is here to help! There are a wide number of issues that can easily effect a move out timeframe, causing frustration and delays. So for those who are not seasoned veterans, below we have put together a list of the issues, often forgotten, that can help you get through the planning and execution phases of your move.

1) Building Regulations – Are there day and night work time restrictions, based on city or county noise ordinances? Is there a dedicated loading dock and elevator for commercial use? Will the building allow it to be locked off and committed to one vendor?

2) Holidays, Events, and Street Closures – This is important in cities. Parking, traffic and building management can change their schedules and restrictions on observed and actual holidays.  Additionally if you are located near a larger stadium, venue, or convention center you will want to find out their schedule.

3) Weather delays – Depending on the time of your move out and your geographical location, you will want to add a few buffer days in the event of a weather related delay. Do you know who is responsible for snow removal?

4) Employees – Do you have employees who travel extensively?  Will they be in town to organize and pack their items?  Do you have employees who stay late or make their own schedules and may hamper moving activities? You will want to consider speaking with all employees about their schedules as your move date approaches

5) Common Areas – Have you determined who is responsible for packing and move  the common areas?

6) Decommissioning – Do you know the expectations in your lease? Have you made time for final repairs? Do you know if the data and electrical cables need to be removed? Are there repairs and painting that needs to be done after the space is empty?

These are just a few of the issues that we have seen from time to time. But don’t worry, logistical planning can prevent these and other common problems.  If you are experience in the industry, please share your experiences with us and others to keep the conversation going.

2 Comments on “What to plan for before your move

  1. That’s a good idea to add some buffer time to your moving schedule for if you would have to deal with snow and ice. I would think that it would be better safe than sorry to travel safely in the snow. I’ll have to make sure that if there is snow in the parking lot that I get ti removed so that people don’t slip while unloading.


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