Seven tips for decommissioning

1) Understand your lease: Are broom swept floors required? What about patched walls? Cable abatement? Removal of MEP? Understanding what your lease calls for is vital when disembarking from your office space.

2) Set a timeline: From the removal date to the end date, an abundance of things need to happen when moving. Having a precise schedule will help facilitate a smoother transition.

3) Avoid setbacks: Once you’ve set your initial timeline, confirm that the project dates don’t interfere with any holidays or special events in your area (e.g. parades, major sporting events, and diplomatic visits). Increased traffic from these events will be an encumbrance to your move schedule.

4) Coordinate your vendors: Keep all vendors (i.e. liquidators, decommissioning specialists, electricians, movers) apprised to the timeline and each others’ work to avoid conflicts between vendors over building resources, such as freight elevators and loading docks.

5) Keep property and facility management informed: Now that you have your timeline set, always keep those who run the property in the loop regarding your plans. Management needs to be involved in scheduling your timeline, assisting you in following building requirements and not disturbing other tenants.

6) Know company goals and objectives: When decommissioning or liquidating, be sure to find out and understand your company’s social, economic, and environmental directives. This includes donations, employee discounted sale, LEED Points, or a zero landfill method.

7) Plan ahead and listen to your vendors: For larger corporations, this might even mean planning schedules and budgets two years in advance. Decommissioning experts and liquidators will have valuable input, as they’ve been through the process many times.

Call OLS, your decommissioning specialist! OLS is a decommissioning specialist with services in liquidation of furniture and fixtures, disassembly and removal of MEP, A/V, and IT, as well as offering cable abatement, wall patching, and broom sweeping. If you or someone you know is planning a move, we can help with all of these important reminders and more!

(We are happy to pay a Finder’s Fee!)

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